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October Parent Newsletter
We have been praying for you and your families!  We hope your new school year is off to a good start and that you are enjoying your new routine!  We have been very busy at
Compass Public School Ministry and are excited to share all God is doing!  See a glimpse of what He is up to in our local schools in just the first few weeks…

I hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with family time, relaxation and fun.  I trust you enjoyed the break from the books and busy school schedules but, if you are like us, you are ready for all the new year has in store and are excited to get back to a routine!
It was a beautiful morning in Jerusalem There were rumors that one about to become King of the Jews would be making a triumphal entry into the City. People were everywhere; it was Passover season.
Happy Spring!

God is so good! He continues to come alongside the Compass team and others led to the mission field of the public schools! We love to share what God is doing in and through His people in our schools. Here are a few highlights…
Happy Spring!!

What time is it at Compass Ministry?? It is time to BE EQUIPPED, TO PRAY, TO SERVE, TO CONNECT, TO ACT and TO BE BOLD!! God is alive and active in our public schools and it is exciting to see how He is working through those He has placed on this mission field. Check out our exciting updates and upcoming events!
Praising God for another great month at Compass Ministry! Here are some recent highlights from each arm of our ministry…

Over thirty area Christian public school educators came together on February 7th for a dynamic, interactive time of equipping, connecting and encouragement. These educators were led by Clint Elliot, Heather Kohnen and Hannah Nguyen in a session on Legal Freedoms in our public schools.
Happy February Compass Families!
January flew by (which is a good thing in MN) and Compass Public School Ministry has much to report!

Highlights: Religious Freedoms Day
Each year, the President declares January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day, and calls upon Americans to "observe this day through appropriate events and activities in homes, schools, and places of worship." This day is the anniversary of the passage, of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom in 1786.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement for our ministry in 2014!! Some on our leadership team met recently to reflect back on the year and spend some time dreaming about what 2015 may hold for us. Almost two years ago when we began this adventure we had no idea what God had in store. It has been such a joy to see how many Christians God has led to the public schools and to witness their vision and passion for living their faith in this secular, often oppressive environment.
Happy December! Can you believe Christmas break is right around the corner? The year is flying by we are so grateful for all that God continues to do in our public schools. Our prayer is that we will continue to be able to encourage Christians within the public schools to live their faith boldly and confidently so that truth and righteousness can flourish in our hallways and classrooms!
The first quarter has wrapped up and winter is in the air! We here at Compass are blown away by all God is doing in and for our schools! A few highlights: Moms in Prayer groups are forming in schools all over the metro. A new local group will be starting at CMS right here in Eden Prairie in the coming weeks.